Continental Imports is Your Premier Authorized DINAN BMW Performance Facility.

BMW Repair

At Continental Imports, we combine the best in BMW service, computer diagnostics, and repair with our commitment to superior customer care. We perform the following services, and offer genuine BMW parts:

  • Oil & filter service: Scheduled maintenance
  • CBS: Condition-Based Servicing
  • Inspection I and II services
  • Brakes
  • Full security services, including key coding by a licensed Locksmith
  • Cooling system repair
  • Electrical repair
  • Air conditioning repair
  • Low-profile and run-flat tire service
  • Batteries registration and programming
  • Engine repairs and performance tuning
  • Transmission service, including internal with programming
  • Alignments
  • Programming and network configuration
  • All other BMW systems
  • Diagnosis and repair

Continental Imports has invested in all industry-leading, software-based tooling to service your BMW and ensure its continued performance. Our tools include:


  • Web ISTA, the online aftermarket Programming Specialist Autologic application
  • The latest BMW system, ISPI NEXT, for diagnostics, coding, and programming for all BMW models
  • Two ICOM interfaces to link our diagnostic computers with your BMW, in addition to our online ISTA and ISPI NEXT resources
  • Autologics to combine our diagnostic capabilities with third-party data sources
  • GT1, SSS, and the OPS interface, so we can service older models requiring these technologies

Continental Imports is your exclusive shop for BMW repair in North Central Florida.

As the “Ultimate Driving Machine,” BMW incorporates the most sophisticated of modern automotive systems.  From powertrain performance, suspension manipulation, safety comprehension, to the most modern of entertainment systems, computers dominate the mechanical structure of the entire vehicle. In order to “talk” to these systems and manipulate the diagnostic strategies built into the car, BMW has also designed the most sophisticated computer diagnostic system, integrating the coding, programming, and initialization of the many processes that create the ultimate driving experience.


Continental Imports has maintained the latest BMW and aftermarket systems to follow the continuing development. In the early 2000s, BMW’s system was based on software called DIS, and the tablet computer that incorporated this software was called GT1.  Continental bought its GT1 system from BMW in 2002. As the programming needs overtook the hardware capabilities of GT1, programming was removed and loaded to a totally new computer, the SSS (Software Service Station), and we upgraded to the SSS in 2006. In 2009, BMW redesigned and revamped its software and hardware. The software—titled ISTA/D for diagnostics and ISTA/P for programming—required an elaborate server system, so BMW created an online server farm for its use in the field.  This subscription-based program became the state of the industry.


Over the first decade of the new century, navigating the complexity of BMWs systems became an industry unto itself. Autologics, a company in the UK, developed a tool and software that streamlined many of the programming complexities.  They also designed a remote engineering tech support system. This system allows the modern BMW shop to take diagnostic logs from the system and transport them via the Internet to the engineering team in Europe, offering a quick, thorough “workaround” for many of the programming issues that can make BMW’s computer systems so terribly expensive.  Autologics engineers also solved numerous problems with customized software. Continental Imports invested in Autologics’ system in 2007; our technicians use top-of-the-line BMW systems, complemented by the technological and programming capability of an off-site engineering team.


To provide our clients with the ultimate service for their Ultimate Driving Machines, in 2012, Continental Imports became an authorized Dinan facility. Dinan offers state-of-the-performance software exclusively for BMWs, with engine, transmission, and suspension management software upgrades. Dinan allows one to use all the capabilities built into the BMW hardware.


Continental Imports has developed these diverse capabilities to offer our customers premium service, from the most efficient repairs to ultimate performance: the Ultimate Repair Capabilities for the Ultimate Driving Machine.

Warranty Services for New BMW Owners

Continental Imports is delighted to perform your required or necessary maintenance services while your BMW is still under factory warranty. We will stamp your Maintenance book and use only factory-approved parts and lubricants. You are not required to take your BMW back to an authorized dealer for any service you would be billed for. Ask us for details.

Unfortunately, we cannot perform BMW warranty or recall work; these services can only be provided by BMW dealers.


Continental Imports is proud to offer an industry-leading warranty: we honor all repairs we perform with a 2-year/24,000 mile parts and labor warranty.


Continental Imports now offers you the same level of professional, stress-free service for financing your vehicle repairs as we do for the rest of our service portfolio. Call us at 352.377.6604 to learn more.

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