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Land Rovers offer the ultimate in versatility: off-road capability and a rugged sense of adventure in an elegant, luxurious package that is equally at home racing at a rally or commuting on the highway. Continental Imports offers Land Rover owners the best in Land Rover service, computer diagnostics, and repair. We perform the following services for our valued customers, and offer genuine Land Rover parts:

  • Oil & filter service: Scheduled maintenance
  • 4WD service and alignments
  • Brakes
  • Full security services, including key coding by a licensed Locksmith
  • Cooling system repair
  • Electrical repair
  • Air conditioning repair
  • Engine repairs
  • Transmission repairs
  • Batteries
  • Programming and network configuration
  • Scope testing circuits
  • All other Land Rover systems
  • Diagnosis and repair

In addition, we offer Autologics to combine our diagnostic capabilities with third-party data sources, and for vintage vehicles, we provide a classic car services parts locator.

The Continental Difference: Land Rover Specialists

Continental Import’s team staffing system allows two people to specialize on a single car line, so the technicians gain direct experience, and the sophisticated knowledge of the vehicle line that only extensive, exclusive work can provide. Our technicians perform the same repairs repeatedly, allowing gains in efficiency in labor costs, and maybe more importantly, in the knowledge of which part brands work best and last longest. In combination with our two-year, nationwide warranty on parts and labor, we have produced the ultimate repair product!

Warranty Services for New Land Rover Owners

Continental Imports is delighted to perform your required or necessary maintenance services while your Land Rover is still under factory warranty. We will stamp your Maintenance book and use only factory-approved parts and lubricants. You are not required to take your Land Rover back to an authorized dealer for this type of service; ask us for details.

Diagnostics and Testing: Meeting the Land Rover Challenge

Land Rover may be the hardest car of the European group to service and repair; while their vehicles’ systems are not that different from the other imports Continental services, the availability of parts and service information is more limited. Since 2003 the cars information system and diagnostic pc has been the same as BMWs. As specialists who understand the nuances of Land Rovers with the know-how to locate parts and other resources, we deliver unsurpassed value for the car owner.

We have established the relationships with vendors and the volume of sales to acquire quality parts at discounts quickly, making our service efficient and saving you money. For more than 20 years, we have worked on Land Rovers, and this long history has fostered close, collaborative relationships with numerous Land Rover specialists around the U.S. and in the United Kingdom.

As with all the cars we work on, as well as the ones we don’t, efficient, accurate diagnosis of system problems starts with the ability to communicate clearly with the cars’ computers. Once again, Land Rovers present a special case. The standard generic scanners used by over 90% of the independent repair community have almost no capability to communicate with Land Rovers, and the abilities they do have are solely directed to the engine management system. The balance of the systems that operate your Land Rover—traction control, 4WD control, air suspension control, air conditioning, supplemental restraint systems (air bags), instrumentation and service resets, and entertainment—are almost never covered.

Without Land Rover’s various proprietary diagnostic computer systems, repair shops CANNOT read and erase fault codes, read actual sensor values, command system functions, or code, initialize, and program systems. These computer systems have changed over time; earlier Land Rover models (starting in the early 90’s and working through 2004) used the Omitec T4 system to accomplish these functions on all systems. Starting with the 2005 model year, Land Rover joined with Jaguar in using the Ford-based diagnostic computer IDS. Naturally, Continental Imports has both of these systems.

Autologics: Leveraging Knowledge Worldwide

In the early 1990’s a group of engineers working for Land Rover decided to design a new tool called Autologics. Their first vehicle focus was Land Rover (though they soon added BMW, since BMW owned Land Rover for a short time and the systems technologies were similar).


The Autologic tool is sold as a stand-alone for a single car line, and software for other makes can be purchased individually and added to the hardware system. Autologic has a unique function in the repair community: it reproduces the complete scanner functions of the manufacturers tool listed above, but takes programming to a new level by transmitting results to a team of worldwide specialists. In effect, the knowledge of a huge team with hundreds of years of combined experience can be tapped for your repair. Using the Autologic tool and its network with the support staff in the UK, log reports of the details of problems can be researched, and coding or programming solutions devised. This very special connection can allow us to make repairs without expensive components at times, and offers the ability to modify system functionality to suit customer desires.



Continental Imports is proud to offer an industry-leading warranty: we honor all repairs we perform with a 2-year/24,000 mile parts and labor warranty.


Continental Imports now offers you the same level of professional, stress-free service for financing your vehicle repairs as we do for the rest of our service portfolio. Call us at 352.377.6604 to learn more.

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