Mercedes-Benz Repair

Mercedes-Benz promises owners “The best or nothing,” marrying innovation with design, performance, safety, and environmental responsibility. Continental Imports combines the best in Mercedes-Benz service, computer diagnostics, and repair, We perform the following services and offer genuine Mercedes-Benz parts:

  • Oil & filter service: Scheduled maintenance
  • A, B, C, D, E, and F services (scheduled services)
  • Cooling system repair
  • Electrical repair
  • Brakes
  • Transmission rebuilds and replacements
  • Air conditioning repair
  • Tires & alignment
  • Batteries
  • Programming and network configuration
  • New key replacement
  • TRP (theft-related parts) replacement
  • All other Mercedes-Benz systems
  • Diagnosis and repair

Diagnostics and Testing

As an auto business started by an American engineer and a German technician, Continental Imports was destined to be a leader in testing technology. We have invested in top-of-the-line tooling systems. Our Mercedes-Benz tooling includes the Mercedes-Benz Star Diagnosis System (SDS), the Mercedes Compact4 diagnostic computer, and the Xentry Connect Tab II device. We also have and utilize the Star (SDS) Hand-held Tester and Xentry Diagnosis Assistance System.


For over thirty years, Continental Imports has met or exceeded industry standards for both training and up to date tooling. Our list of industry-standard and vehicle-specific special tools is too large to list, but for those truly interested in evaluating a modern specialty shop, the current benchmarks of a consummate professional are the diagnostic computers employed. Once a luxury for independent repair shops, the diagnostic computers created by car manufacturers are now becoming necessary for even the simplest of repairs on modern Mercedes automobiles. From tire pressure monitoring, to battery charging and energy use regulation, to the safety and drive management systems, everything now is controlled by computer and diagnosed via onboard diagnostic protocols.
Continental Imports has had complete Mercedes-Benz diagnostic capabilities for more than fifteen years. We currently have three Mercedes-Benz factory computers: a Star Basic, a Compact4, and the most recent addition, a Xentry Tab II. Their utility in coding and programming can only be accomplished through SDFlash, an online subscription with Mercedes-Benz. Continental Imports has maintained such a subscription for over 10 years. With that subscription comes monthly updates for both our diagnostic software and the WIS (workshop information system). We are proud to offer up-to-date information and tooling; though staying current is required to offer the highest levels of services and to deliver superior performance, it is rare in the marketplace.


Warranty Service for New Mercedes-Benz Owners

Continental Imports is delighted to perform your required or necessary maintenance services while your Mercedes-Benz is still under factory warranty. We will stamp your Maintenance book and use only factory-approved parts and lubricants. You are not required to take your Mercedes-Benz back to an authorized dealer for this type of service; ask us for details


Continental Imports is proud to offer an industry-leading warranty: we honor all repairs we perform with a 2-year/24,000 mile parts and labor warranty.


Continental Imports now offers you the same level of professional, stress-free service for financing your vehicle repairs as we do for the rest of our service portfolio. Call us at 352.377.6604 to learn more.

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